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  • 19.03.2014

    Quality and efficiency – szenaris recertified

    szenaris GmbH now has DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 certification for a further three years, having again passed the DEKRA audit for this quality standard.


  • 21.01.2014

    IBI acquires “Safety At Work” learning program module for training in prisons

    The "Institut für Bildung in der Informationsgesellschaft e.V.“ (IBI) in Berlin runs the intranet learning platform "elis" (e-learning in prisons) for the education service in the prisons of eleven federal states in Germany and in Austria.


  • 13.01.2014

    szenaris uses own “Safety at Work” learning program modules to train employees

    Since 2010, szenaris offers various “Safety At Work” learning modules, including two modules to raise awareness of the employees for the dangers and threats of injuries when working at the computer: The modules “Screen Workplaces I” and “Screen Workplaces II“.


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