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  • 21.11.2015

    DASA Special Exhibition "Die Roboter"

    szenaris presents the simulation for the remotely controlled vehicle "telemax" at the special exhibition "Die Roboter" in the German exhibition for work safety ("Deutsche Arbeitsschutzausstellung – DASA") in Dortmund.


  • 21.08.2015

    szenaris at the @usBILDUNGSzeit

    The 2nd Bundeswehr training congress will take place from September 1st through 3rd, 2015, at the Helmut Schmidt University of the Bundeswehr (HSU/UniBw HH). With the “TagungsZeit” and the “MesseZeit” trade fair, the training congress will combine two events at one venue.


  • 13.07.2015

    ”LEMKEN – Plough Correctly with Optiquick®“ learning module receives Comenius EduMedia Award

    The Gesellschaft für Pädagogik, Information und Medien e.V. (GPI), a scientific association for multimedia, educational technology and media didactics, honoured szenaris' learning module ”LEMKEN – Plough Correctly with Optiquick®“ with the Comenius EduMedia Award.


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