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  • 08.03.2016

    d-elina Award 2016: E-Learning Concepts Acclaimed at LEARNTEC

    Bitkom acclaimed especially innovative e-learning concepts with the popular d-elina Award also this year on LEARNTEC 2016.


  • 18.02.2016

    BP Awards Contract to szenaris GmbH

    The oil company BP has commissioned szenaris GmbH to design and implement a learning program on “Driving Economically”.


  • 01.02.2016

    BITKOM “Learning Solutions” working group publishes white paper on MOOCs

    The BITCOM “Learning Solutions” working group has published a white paper on “Massive Open Online Courses” (MOOC). The white paper aims to point out the significance of MOOCs for the learning world and to reveal which questions MOOC providers should answer for themselves. It provides a detailed overview on what MOOCs are, which forms there are and what the target groups for MOOCs are.


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