Potential Analysis “E-Learning”


Have you noticed how knowledge is becoming outdated more and more quickly nowadays?

Rather than being planned over the long term, learning and further training are being implemented on a “just in time” basis. E-learning, which comes in various forms extending up to simulation in virtual scenarios, provides extremely valuable support for this process. In this context, a question you might be asking yourself is: “What are my company’s requirements with regard to utilising e-learning?”

In a one-day workshop in a virtual conference, the szenaris experts will look into this question. We work together with you to review your current situation and explore possible approaches. Once we have performed our subsequent assessment, you receive an informative situation analysis that also deals with the issue of return on investment (ROI). In a second virtual workshop also lasting one day, we present the results of our analysis to you in detail, and from these results we derive possible measures appropriate for you. We plan the workshops approximately two to three weeks apart so that you can have rapid access to our analysis results.


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