ITIS-Workshop “Prospects of modeling and simulation”

For the 12th time, the ITIS-team compassing the two professors Axel Lehman and Oliver Rose, as well as Dr Robert Siegfried, extended their invitation for the ITIS-Workshop at the university of the german armed forces, the Bundeswehr, in Munich – and were rewarded with as many visitors as never before. Nearly 100 participants were brimming the officers‘ mess hall of the Bundeswehrs‘ university in Neubiberg, and brought it to capacity.

While on the first day, the subject of  “Training with Simulators” predominated, the lectures held the second day attempted to look outside the box: Where are solutions in use today, which will only catch hold on a broader level tomorrow? Refering to this question, a new  semiconductor factory by Bosch,  currently under construction in Dresden, was described among others.

Dr Uwe Katzky, CEO of szenaris, linked the two concepts of “competence” and “simulation” during his lecture, and exemplified why simulations in the virtual, augmented, and mixed reality might be essential in these fields.

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From left to right:

Professor Oliver Rose, Dr Uwe Katzky, CEO of szenaris, and Professor Axel Lehmann

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