Review: szenaris at LEARNTEC 2019

As in the years before, LEARNTEC 2019 has been a resounding success: with over 11,600 visitors and 341 exhibitors hailing from 15 different nations (compared to 302 exhibitors from 14 nations in 2018), the fair was able to experience considerable growth, cementing its reputation as the biggest and most succesful fair for digital education in europe.

For the first time, an augmented reality / virtual reality area was implemented, where exhibitors were able to present their newest and most innovative tools for virtual education to trade visitors for examination and testing. And with quite a lot of success, as the newly established area proved itself a crowd favourite. szenaris will be represented there in the next year as well. This years congress has been judged very positively by all attendants for its numerous high-quality contributions.

The szenaris booth was well-visited this year. Aside from captivating conversations, and the opportunity to make new acquaintances, szenaris was able to present our newest progressions in the fields of training software and simulation, including tutoring software in the range of work safety and data protection, simulations for operating complex equipment, as well as virtual reality systems for team training exercises.

As always: after the fair is before the fair, which is why we are even now planning full of expectation for LEARNTEC 2020, for which we have already reserved a booth.


The szenaris booth at LEARNTEC 2019 with the managing directors Klaus Bock-Müller and Dr. Uwe Katzky as well as one of our project managers Philip Immerthal (l. t. r.)

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