HaptiVisT at the BMBF Future Congress 2019

How will we integrate new technologies into everyday life in the future? And what is the current state of research on human-technology interaction?

Increasing digitalization poses questions and challenges in many areas. For this reason, this year’s BMBF Future Congress will be devoted to the topic “Confidently into the Digital Future”. On 21 and 22 May 2019, visitors can get information about innovative research projects in the fields of “Intelligent Mobility”, “Digital Society” and “Healthy Living”. The focus will be on systems based on virtual or augmented reality (VR or AR).

With the joint project HaptiVisT (Haptic-Visual Training System), szenaris GmbH will also represented at the Future Congress. In the topic area “Well Treated into the Future”, we will present our current results from the research project as well as our prototypes with which minimally invasive operations on bony tissue can be trained virtually. The HaptiVisT training system complements existing training and education offers and, through its concept as a “serious game”, makes it easier to access complex problems.

You’ve always wanted to find out what it feels like to perform an operation? Then this is your opportunity!

We look forward to your visit and to interesting conversations!


Components of the haptic-visual training system

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