The Training and Simulation Experts for Learning at the Computer

szenaris GmbH creates learning programs and simulations for learning at the computer – learning software, simulations and virtual reality applications – executable on all platforms: Windows, Windows Phone, Linux, macOS, iOS and Android.

We are your partner for e-learning in training and further education with an unbeatable price-performance ratio.

Our Services:


Find solutions together


Inspire and convince


Support learning processes effectively


Train in a safe environment

Team Training

Collaboration in virtual learning environments


Engaged in research – always “up to date”

Optimise education

We advise you on the use of digital learning using our long established know-how to optimise processes in your company, to train in security relevant processes and to efficiently qualify employees.

By specifically analysing company relevant processes, personnel structures and new topics to be developed, we create a concept customised to your individual needs, taking efficiency into account.

On this basis we develop the individual steps to complete the planned project with your close cooperation.

Inspire and convince

To arouse or grab the interest of a customer, an impressive visualisation is the first step to realise an idea.

We support you with the marketing of your product, your project or your vision.

Our team of experts is available for a journey into another dimension using the latest development tools in the areas of 2D, 3D and Virtual Reality.

Support learning processes effectively

e-learning provides ideal options: images, text, sound, two or three dimensional animations and videos are all arranged to make the learning contents a multimedia-based experience.

To meet this challenge, our team is multi-talented; educators, graphic designers, engineers and software developers work side by side to produce a mature product.

No matter if you are looking for Computer Based Training (CBT) on a disk, Web Based Training (WBT) via networks or mobile learning applications for tablets and smartphones: We offer you the perfect solution, tailored to your needs.

Our products range from multi-media learning materials to assist your trainers and lecturers through learning programs right up to complete Learning Management Systems (LMS).

Train in a safe environment

Learning with Virtual Reality Simulations means taking the user into a virtual test environment. These can be rooms, landscapes or underwater worlds where machinery is operated, vehicles are controlled or superstructures are built.

Recovery or destruction of hazardous materials with remote controlled robotic vehicles, or so-called manipulators, is an example of Virtual Reality training developed by us. The user can learn and practice the handling of such virtual manipulators while avoiding the danger of causing costly damage.

To achieve a simulated scenario like this, firstly a realistic 3D model of the vehicle is produced. Then realistic environmental conditions can be developed and physical properties can be produced for the vehicle.

And: To adapt the learning and practising even more to realistic conditions, the operators control the vehicle in the Virtual World with the original, real-world operating console connected to the PC.

The team makes the difference – safe training in complex procedures

Virtual Reality team training excels by allowing several users to move around in the same virtual training environment, interacting with each other and solving tasks together from their individual PC workstations.

szenaris has developed just such a system for the training of Bundeswehr amphibious vehicle drivers. Several amphibious vehicles can form a bridge to traverse a river by coupling together and by setting up ramps. The training of such exercises in reality is cost intensive and carries a degree of risk.

To conduct the Virtual Reality team training, we have replicated the entire procedures in the virtual world. Riverscapes, the individual vehicles, environmental influences like current or wind conditions are all components. Each user has their individual task in the system: vehicle control, the setting of ramps, coordinating the process.

Bridging the gap between the virtual and the real world is perfect because the original operating consoles for controlling the vehicles are integrated into the system.

Engaged in research – always “up to date”

Always being up to date with developments, bringing out innovative ideas, following future visions, stepping onto new technological territory – these are the criteria which drive our commitment to research establishments and universities.

The combination of research and industrial applications assists us to constantly increase our know-how and to apply it for the practical benefit of our clients.

Our commitment also encompasses the sponsorship of student research projects. This furnishes us with the potential to integrate personnel trained and skilled in state-of-the-art scientific research into our team when the need arises.