ITIS-Workshop “Prospects of modeling and simulation”

For the 12th time, the ITIS-team compassing the two professors Axel Lehman and Oliver Rose, as well as Dr Robert Siegfried, extended their invitation for the ITIS-Workshop at the university of the german armed forces, the Bundeswehr, in Munich – and were rewarded with as many visitors as never before. Nearly 100 participants were brimming [...]

szenaris at LEARNTEC 2019

From January 29th until 31st, LEARNTEC 2019 will open its gates. On an area of over 16000 m², enthusiasts can inform themselves across all topics around digital education, and exchange experiences with exhibitors and specialists alike. Special focus this year will be introduction, implementation, and application of technologically supported education in schools, universities, and professions. [...]

(Aus)Bildungskongress 2018: Focus on Competence-Oriented Training

Once again this year, szenaris was represented with a booth at the training congress of the German Armed Forces at the Helmut Schmidt University / University of the German Armed Forces from September 4th to 6th. On Thursday, szenaris managing director Dr. Uwe Katzky also gave a lecture, an " Introduction of Competence-Oriented Training: A Look at [...]

szenaris at the (Aus)Bildungskongress 2018

From September 4 to 6, the (Aus)Bildungskongress der Bundeswehr will take place at Helmut-Schmidt-Universität / Universität der Bundeswehr (HSU/UniBw H). The training congress is a further development of the distance training congress held annually at the Helmut Schmidt University / University of the Federal Armed Forces since 2004 and combines a scientific and practice-oriented conference [...]

Standard for a Metadata Format for Serious Games Published

In June 2018, DIN SPEC (PAS) 91380:2018-06 on the metadata format for Serious Games was published, with participation of szenaris Managing Director Dr. Uwe Katzky. DIN SPEC (PAS) are so-called consortium standards, i.e. uniform procedures, which are defined by an association of representatives of several companies and / or institutions. These are developed within a [...]

Successful Project Completion – szenaris Develops Training System for “Multisep” Potato Separator by GRIMME

The company GRIMME based in Damme in Lower Saxony develops agricultural machinery mainly for potato, turnip and vegetable processing. The portfolio comprises the “MultiSep” potato separator, which enables efficiently separating the harvested produce from clods, weeds and other unwanted substances. The combination of the roller pairs setting and choice of segments determine the cleaning effect. [...]

HaptiVisT: Development of Haptic-Visual Training System for Surgeons Proceeds

In the “HaptiVisT” research project, a haptic-visual training system is being developed which allows surgeons to train surgeries on complex structures such as hands or the inner ear free of risks with the help of virtual patient models. The patient models are derived from data from imaging processes such as CT or MRT that has [...]

szenaris on LEARNTEC 2018: Focusing on Education as Digitisation Engine

Also this year, szenaris had a booth on LEARNTEC in Karlsruhe from January 30th through February 1st. With more than 10,000 trade visitors and 302 exhibitors, LEARNTEC was again able to achieve significant growth. This underlines once more the significance of LEARNTEC as one of the most successful international trade fairs for professional training, learning [...]

szenaris Develops Learning Module on “Compliance”

szenaris has added the “Compliance” learning module to its product line. The module enables employers to train their staff on basics concerning compliance to laws, rules and voluntary codes and to generally sensitise them to the topic. Among other topics, the learning programme focuses on corporate compliance rules and culture, on forms of accepting undue [...]

szenaris Develops Learning Modules on Forklift Operation for ERNE

Operating forklifts to move big and/or heavy loads is a demanding task entailing an increased accident hazard. Together with szenaris, the Swiss construction company ERNE has thus developed two learning modules on forklift operation, with which employers can instruct their staff on this topic cost- and time-efficiently. The topic of the first module are the [...]

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