Virtual Reality Robotic Vehicle Simulation

A great deal of practice is necessary in order to be able to control the robotic vehicle safely. The Virtual Reality Simulation provides optimal training potential.

“Safety at Work” Learning Program Series

You want your employees to be instructed in health and safety at work?

This learning program series contains all essential work safety topics.

“Data Protection” Learning Program Series

No matter if personal data protection or prevention of cyber crime in the form of identity theft, phishing, espionage and more – data protection is an important factor in preventing damage to people and enterprises.

“Compliance” Learning Program

This offer is only available in German.

Virtual Reality Team Trainer

Many existing VR systems reach their limitations when tasks can only be solved by teamwork. Not with szenaris, however: Our virtual reality team trainer enables teamwork in virtual spaces – almost like in the real world.

Laser scan based data base generation “Reality to Virtual Reality”

With the new process “Reality to Virtual Reality“ – R2VR, szenaris produces virtual scenarios fast, efficiently and in high quality for a reasonable price.

Civil Defence

This offer is only available in German.

GNOM and Seaeye Falcon Virtual Reality Diving Robot Simulation

The inspection of hulls or the investigation of difficult-to-access underwater locations are ideal fields of application for the small diving robots of the GNOME product family manufactured by Indel-Partner. We have developed a Virtual Reality Simulation in order to be able to practice control of the underwater craft.

Potential Analysis “E-Learning”

You are considering to optimise the training of your employees with e-learning? You are searching for experts to support you in this task?

Then our potential analysis is exactly what you are looking for.