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szenaris Letter II/2018

Dear Readers, 2018 was an exciting year for us at szenaris. But before we close this chapter and face new challenges in 2019, we would like to provide you with exciting information about learning, training and simulation. In this issue, we report on our learning programme series on the subject of data protection, on the [...]

szenaris Letter I/2018

Dear Readers, In our first szenaris 2018 letter, we provide you with news on the main topics e-learning and simulation. This time we will report on a training system for operating and adjusting the MultiSep potato separator from the agricultural machinery manufacturer GRIMME, on the progress of the HaptiVisT research project and on LEARNTEC 2018. We [...]

szenaris Letter I/2017

Dear Readers, Welcome to our szenaris Letter at the end of the year 2017. Let us review several highlights of 2017 and look into the new year 2018. Our year 2017: Successful in many respects Learntec 2017: szenaris project manager Heike Kißner with the HTC Vive Learntec 2017 Learntec in Karsruhe (24. - 26.1.2017), which [...]

szenaris Letter I/2016

Dear Readers,

In our first szenaris Letter in 2016, we share the latest news from the fields of e-learning and simulation.

In this issue, we report on a learning program for economical driving, a study on skills-oriented training, and the LEARNTEC 2016 trade fair. By the way: szenaris is now also offering training for successful e-learning at your company. Please see the szenaris Letter for details.

szenaris Letter IV/2015

Before we close the chapter on this year, we would once again like to share some news on the subjects of e-learning and simulation with you.

We wish you an enjoyable read, relaxing and peaceful festive season, and success, happiness, joy and health in the new year.

szenaris Letter III/2015

In this issue, we will report on our new Change Management learning program as well as on this year’s “@usbildungszeit” training congress. Finally, we will discuss the compelling concept of the “Internet of Things”.

szenaris letter II/2015

Our second szenaris Letter of 2015 again brings you interesting facts and news from the world of e-learning. In this issue we report on a learning program on loading and operating a fire engine for fighting forest fires, on the initiative “IT und MENSCH” and on the innovations and advantages of HTML5. We also attended ITEC 2015 for you.

szenaris Letter I/2015

We again look forward to presenting you with a selection of interesting facts from the world of e-learning, training and simulation this year. In our first szenaris letter for 2015 we report on a learning program for the healthcare and welfare trade association Berufsgenossenschaft für Gesundheitsdienst und Wohlfahrtspflege (BGW), a study on skills-oriented training, and LEARNTEC 2015; finally, we take a look at the effects of playful learning in the context of gamification, serious games and motivation.

szenaris Letter IV/2014

We would like to present our fourth szenaris letter. This time we report on a learning program for the employers’ liability insurance association Berufsgenossenschaft der Bauwirtschaft, a research project on marina logistics, and the Security Essen trade fair; our final “Did you know…?” article of the year is all about MOOCs.

szenaris Letter III/2014

Our third szenaris Letter for 2014 again brings you hot topics from the fields of e-learning, training and simulation. In this issue we report on the possibilities of interactive instruction manuals, present a research project on knowledge transfer in work environments, and explain what a 2-D art director does. We also attended the 1st Bundeswehr Training Convention – 11th Bundeswehr Distance Training Convention 2014.

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