Delivery of the First E-Learning Modules for ENERCON

In January 2020, SZENARIS delivered the first two e-learning modules for ENERCON Service Deutschland GmbH. The two modules deal with the topic “rotor lockings” for two different types of wind turbines.
Rotor lockings are always required when working on rotating parts of a wind turbine. The procedures are usually quite different for different types of turbines and require a precise procedure. The aim of the two e-learning modules, which can now be used as a self-study course by the service personnel of ENERCON, the Aurich-based wind turbine manufacturer, was to explain this process.
Both modules consist of a descriptive and a simulation part. The descriptive part shows step by step how to lock the rotors and how to release the lock after completion of the work. In the simulation, the learners can repeat what they have learned until the procedures are internalized. Of course, the modules can also be taken into the nacelles on a tablet as a reference book if the service personnel want to be absolutely sure.
Further topics for ENERCON’s service personnel are to be implemented in 2020.