SZENARIS Managing Director Klaus Bock-Mueller Gives Guest Seminar at the University of Applied Sciences (HAW)

At HAW, students in the Media Systems program qualify for a career in computer and network technology, especially in the media and games industry. The media industry places high demands on technology: storage of large amounts of data, real-time processing, transmission of multimedia applications in heterogeneous networks and much more. In addition to computer science-related training, students also acquire interface skills in design areas as well as in audio and video production technology and the use of these media.

In the second academic year, students specialize in computer science and electronics, networks, IT security, databases, software engineering, image processing and virtual systems. Within the scope of the “Virtual Systems” lecture held by Professor Dr. Neuhöfer, szenaris CEO Klaus Bock-Müller held a guest seminar focusing on “Virtual Training Systems” for the second time.

The seminar, which was attended by 30 students, comprised four thematic blocks:

First the theory …

At the beginning, an overview of areas of application and industries was given with practical examples. In addition, the topics Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR), together known as Extended Reality (XR), were looked at from a technical point of view. Subsequently, the students worked out a so-called Strength-Weaknesses-Opportunities-Risks-Analysis (SWOT) for the “Introduction of Virtual Training in Companies” as a group task.

… then the practice

Before and after the event as well as during the break, the students had the opportunity to lay a mobile bridge in a mixed reality simulation by means of a practical example with a wireless VR training system consisting of VR glasses, VR gloves and an operating device. All participants can look back on an all-round successful event, which gave the students a deep insight into the complex of topics of virtual training systems and provided many interesting and instructive discussions.